It gets worse before it gets better

“It gets worse before it gets better,” said Luke from the boat yard as we wandered over to the water’s edge. I stared down into a massive hole in the back deck of our floating home. It’s a huge new access point for the engine, batteries and water tanks. It’s the first step towards making […]

Goslings, pigeon poops and a first journey under our own steam

It’s July and that means we’ve now reached 10 months of boat ownership and 7 months of liveaboardship. To mark these inauspicious occasions, I’ll share some details and ramblings about our river life, close-up. It’s also an excuse to share some pics from my new 85mm lens, truth be told. The gosling (alarm clock) During March, […]

Hot water, storage beds and strimmer engines

Hello. Its been a while since I’ve scribbled our latest #boatlife news, so I’ve accumulated a few stories: 1) a tale about the homely influence of hot water; 2) musings of jigsaw-esque space-saving storage beds; and 3) a report on how a garden tool pipped a fast-running river.

Finally, a home afloat

We’ve had a few dark times and a terrible run of luck over the past month. I couldn’t bear to write a ‘we’re still working on it’ blog post, so I waited. But I’m not waiting anymore. Because – hip, hip, hooray! – last Friday we kept our appointment with the crane.

Not sinking

Last week and this week the major work started. Hooray! When I say the major work, I mean the top priority, foundational and expensive stuff involved in A) not sinking, and B) not dying.

Patience, pigeon boxes and BBQs

This week we continued our quest to learn and gather quotes for the big boat jobs. We also bought a car, moved to a new Airbnb apartment (AGAIN), tinkered about on Odin and barbecued with our new island neighbours.

A boatmaison creation story

On Friday the 19th of August at precisely 17:25 in the year 2016, the stars aligned and we agreed to buy our first ever houseboat, Odin. It was an overwhelmingly happy moment, the culmination of 3 years dreaming and searching.